Dearest CHESS Knights families,

As our 2023-2024 school year comes upon us, we are excited to inform you of some changes being made to the organization. The organization has decided to make the decision to increase the membership fee to $65.00 to be paid once, during enrollment, and will cover the entire year of membership. All members must be registered, not just children. If you joined before January 1st, you still need to renew your membership. Starting August 1st, 2023 we will remove access to those that have not renewed their membership. The $65.00 also includes access to events and field trips, athletics, co-op, fine arts, prom, and graduation. Although some of the above-mentioned activities have additional fees for participation. The $65.00 allows our organization to have insurance and ensure safety for all participants as well as storage and facility space for all activities.

Another change to the organization is its structure. When enrolling for the new year, you will be given access to our updated bylaws, which cover the new structure. CHESS Knights will continue to be umbrellaed and directed under the Advisory Board and Administrative Board. All activities (i.e.: Prom, Graduation, Fine Arts, Athletics, Co-op, and Events/Field Trips) will now possess their own team. If you are interested in joining one of the activity teams or would like to volunteer in CHESS Knights in any capacity, please reach out to a board member and we will get you in contact with the appropriate leaders. We hope these changes find you well and we are thrilled to have everyone be part of our CHESS Knights family.


Your Administrative Board

Brittany Zebendon- President

Lindsay Rocheleau-Martin-Vice-President

Krista Caldwell-Secretary

Tiffany Schott-Treasurer

Amber Mitchell-Membership Care